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Adds Moisture And Shine

Premier Spray Marigold Scent is a safe, non-insecticidal botanical spray. Not sticky, does not attract dust. Non-slip, can be used on the saddle area. Will not burn eyes or ears.
Spray as often as you need. Will not stain equipment.To find out more about Premier Spray Marigold Scent Read More

Bare Spots

Skin Problems



Premier Marigold

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Generations of Horse Sense & Experience

moscow burning race horse

A Passion For Horses

The founder of EQyss bought his first Thoroughbreds in 1975 after growing up as a harness racing fan and attending Yonkers Raceway. After moving to California in 1966, he began to ride and love horses. The owners of the company have established a Breeding/Racing Operation over the past 35 years.
Some of the products of this labor of love include the winningest California Bred Mare in CA Thoroughbred racing history, Moscow Burning, who they claimed in 2004, and the current stable star, whom they bred, is The Usual Q.T. Both horses have raced well in Breeders Cup Turf races in Texas and Kentucky. Both are also multiple Graded Stakes Winners. It is this desire to achieve on the highest level, that they carry into the grooming products that EQyss produces.

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Flea Bites

Cracked, Dry
Nose or Paw Pads

Hot Spots

Bare Spots

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